1. take my hand

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  2. Six Sentence Story #1: ‘Alien View’


    The large titanium door which I had become so familiar with began to slide open. As the blindingly bright light from the nearest star came into view, I brought my arm up to hide from the imposing glare. They were all looking at me - the humans - as if I were some magnificent deity. While this was my first trip of such magnitude, I had to stay calm and remember my many decades of training. The human’s opaque skin and beady eyes frightened me, but I would not dare show it. Without hesitation I made the signal and let the heavens open with a barrage of plutonium missiles.


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    and now He lives in a deep, dark pit


  4. i can see him right now


  5. Monologue of a man


    I stand here alone and exhausted. All I have ever known is gone. I cannot say that I feel lucky, that I am thankful, that I feel grateful for the time I‘ve had. All I feel is pain.

    I have observed mankind’s greatest victories; our first step on the surface of another planet, the creation of the world’s first clone, the day we cured cancer. The future was bright. The future was ours to form.

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    i’m going to catch youu

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